7 Ballyfey Tales - The Wizard

PtF Chp1 Ballyfey

“We are in luck young fellow, we have luck on our side.
There is a customer inside who wants to visit Portumna today
and he is going to take us in his car.”

The journey to Portumna only took an hour and a bit.
It would have been less had the swing bridge not opened and stopped all the traffic. It amused Grandpa and gave Ollie the chance to watch the boats travel up the Shannon.

The driver let them off in the town, about two miles from the Park, but luckily Grandpa knew of some short cuts through the forest which made the distance shorter.
“I think we will lie down behind that big fir tree and then the forest ranger won’t see us when he comes to lock the entrance gates.” said Grandpa.

The ranger drove slowly past the pair who were hidden in the twilight and when he had gone they arose and started looking for the Wizard.
“He must be around somewhere but Goddess knows where” uttered Grandpa Druid.
They noticed a light twinkling in the trees near to the car park
and so headed off in that direction. Sure enough there was the Wizard waving his wand about.

“Hello Wizard!” exclaimed Grandpa Druid.

The Wizard stepped forward in their direction and with him was the masked lady, The High Priestess of Gealach Island. In her hand she held a green ribbon which was attached to a short Elf.

“Do you have everything Druid? If so please give me the silver flask” said the Wizard.

“Now Madam High Priestess would you kindly move over to that stout old Silver Birch tree, then we can begin.”
The Wizard called upon the Will O’Wisp to share his light and with a twitch of his wand three flares appeared to illuminate the scene.

He then stepped forward uncorking the flask and standing in front of the Elf he sprinkled the contents of the flask over him. The Wizard stepped back and with a wave of his wand
a large rainbow coloured fog appeared and completely covered the Elf and the High Priestess.
The fog stayed for several minutes then disappeared and there stood Ollie’s Granny holding a green ribbon attached to her dog, Toby!

“Oh Wow! That was brilliant magic” exclaimed Ollie excitedly,
Toby too gave several woofs for he was glad to back in his own body again.

The Wizard stepped forward smiling and said:
“Thank you young Bard and as it is getting late perhaps we should all be going to our beds now.
I came here on the Mog Roith’s flying wheel, a large flat stone which has room for all of us, so it will be my pleasure to take you home to where you Owls roost”

So Ollie, Granny, Grandpa,the Wizard and Toby made themselves as comfortable as they could on the flying wheel and in the blink of an eye they arrived back at Grandpa’s cottage.
And when they were asleep the Wizard flew on beneath the stars to his home.


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