5 Ballyfey Tales - Seersha

PtD. Chp1 Ballyfey

Sean-Tomás led the way walking at twice the pace of Tabitha, which suited the Druid and Bard much better. He led them through a spacious Oak forest and into a large sunlit glade where a herd of deer were grazing. Above them the sky was bright blue and filled with birds and many of them were sang from the trees. Ollie thought that it was a very happy day and felt he would always remember this place.

After awhile Sean-Tomás said “ Do you suppose Druid, that you and the Bard might like to sit for awhile and rest your legs?”

“That is a wonderful suggestion, thank you” said Grandpa Druid.

And so they sat down on a nearby tree stump to eat the fruit, drink the water and share with Sean-Tomás some of the bread.
Whilst they were sitting there a large red vixen fox hurried past taking no notice of them as she disappeared into the bushes.
Grandpa Druid said “H’mn, Mrs Fox seems to be in a great rush to get to somewhere as fast as she can, doesn’t she ?”
Sean-Tomás, giving the Druid a sly wink out of sight of the Bard said “She certainly is ”.

The three of them finally stood up as one and resumed their journey in the direction of Ballyfey with Sean-Tomás leading the way.
The view before them was slowly changing and Ollie noticed that there were hills in the distance. A patchwork of fields bordered by hedges lay on the hillsides together with a few houses, each with other buildings nearby. “Those are probably farms” thought Ollie.
He also noticed that they would soon have to walk uphill as the ground in front of them was rising and their pace had slowed down a bit.

Reaching the top of the hill they found a five bar field gate which Grandpa Druid opened and then closed again after Ollie and Sean-Tomás had passed through. They were now walking along a well used lane where they found a milestone inscribed with an arrow saying ‘BALLYFEY 1-½ MILES’
“Not far now” said Sean-Tomás.

And so they walked on along the top of the hill. Around a couple of bends the road started to go down quite steeply and Ollie caught sight of two distinct rows of rooftops, some were slate and the others were thatched.
“This then must be Ballyfey” thought Ollie and indeed it was for  on the side of the lane a notice said “Welcome to Ballyfey”
and underneath the words someone had painted pointy hats, stars and broomsticks.

"Mee-ow-wa!” said Sean Tomás “Mee-ow-wa and now I must go”.

With that he sprinted off ever so fast and leapt over the hedge on left and was gone from sight.

Ollie the Bard said “Grandpa Druid am I right in thinking that you have been here before and know where to go ?”

“ You are correct Ollie, I have been here many times but never by the route that Sean-Tomás brought us today. Now we must find the Craft Shoppe where we shall meet a friend”

So the pair strolled along the village street, with Ollie searching left and right for the shop. He finally noticed a sign across the road hanging lopsidedly from the wall. Painted on it were a pair of knitting needles crossed with a feather quill, all enclosed in a circle of stars.
Pointing at the building he exclaimed “Is that the Craft Shoppe
Grandpa ?”

“Oh bless your eyes Ollie, yes it is”

They crossed the wide street with Grandpa leading the way to open the door. Entering the shop caused a bell on the door to jingle loudly and from behind the counter a red headed woman stood up and smiled.
As she stepped out from behind the counter she said
“ How wonderful to see you again Arch Druid, I’m sorry I could not stop earlier I was in a bit of a hurry”.
Then she gasped.
“Oh! Young man you did not hear what I just said did you?”
Turning to the Druid again she whispered “Please forgive me
Arch Druid for speaking out of turn”.

“Not to worry Seersha, young Ollie the Bard here is under oath not reveal anything about what he sees, hears or recognises. Isn’t that so Ollie ? ”

To which Ollie repeated his oath again saying,
“I give you my oath as a Bard that I shall never ever speak or write about these events”

“Well that is well sealed” said Seersha giving him a big smile and a kiss on each cheek.

Ollie the Bard felt his face get ever so hot and felt sure that he had blushed crimson red and even more so when he realised that Seersha, was a Shapeshifter and had been the red vixen fox that they had seen earlier.

Seersha went to the shop door and turned the Open sign to Closed saying, “Well I think that we could all do with a sit down in the back room and have a cup of tea with a slice of cake, Don’t you ?”

To which Grandpa Druid readily agreed and said “Seersha I think Ollie might appreciate a glass of your delicious homemade Ginger
Beer,instead of tea”

The back room turned out to be a very comfortable sitting room with a cheery fire burning in the grate and the three of them sat at a large round table. Ollie kept quiet whilst Grandpa and Seersha talked of events and people they both knew.
The ginger beer was delicious just as Grandpa had said as was the fruit cake.
During their conversation Seersha exclaimed,
“I almost forgot! The Wizard of Blavma called here recently and told me to give you this”
It was a large long envelope addressed to “The Arch Druid of Blavma - Instructions”
Grandpa Druid quickly picked it up and put it inside his cloak
“Many thanks Seersha and thanks also for your hospitality but I think we had better to be off on our travels again.”

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