4 Ballyfey Tales - Sean-Tomás

Pt C. Chpt 1 Ballyfey Tales

So with a flourish of their hands the Druid and the Bard bowed low from the waist and departed, retracing their footsteps back
to the cabin. Once inside Grandpa made his way to the fire
and put on a couple of logs, very soon he was able to sit down on a chair to warm his cold legs. It wasn’t long before he fell into a dreamless sleep. Ollie made himself useful by looking in the cupboards for food and made a warming broth for them both to eat for breakfast.

After about an hour the Lady, who Ollie now recognised as the High Priestess, stepped into the cabin and on looking around
whispered to Ollie:

“I am glad to see that you have made yourselves at home and found some provisions and a pot to make some soup, if you look in the red chest under the window you might find some bread too. Please help yourselves.
I only returned to make sure that you both were fine and it is good to see that the Arch Druid is fast asleep, for he has had a long day. You too must get some sleep Ollie and don’t worry about over sleeping for Grandpa always awakes at dawn,regardless of the season”

After the Lady left Ollie thought that her final comment was strange, for how could she possibly know about Grandpa’s sleeping habits or the purpose of their visit to Gealach Island?
“It is all very mysterious” Ollie thought later as he drifted off to sleep near the fire.

Grandpa Druid slowly roused himself from sleep on hearing the twittering of birds, for the dawn chorus was always his alarm call. It was the start of a new day and fresh adventures. “Perhaps we might learn of why the Wizard needs this water so urgently” he mused.
His mind then drifted to Ollie who was curled up on cushions near the fire, fast asleep.
“I’ll not wake him yet, for he has a long walk ahead of him” and then the druid pondered upon the character of the small bard, thinking to himself that boy had a lot of potential and would make a fine Olave or Druid, depending upon which branch of the Order he chose.

Grandpa silently set out the table for breakfast, cutting the bread into sizeable chunks and putting the pot of broth on the fire to warm. Soon the smell of the soup flowed around Ollie’s nose and gently awakened him. Grandpa noticing that Ollie was awake said “ Good morning young man, I hope you slept well? Perhaps you would like to wash your face, while I pour the broth into the bowls, for soon we must be on our travels again and we have far to go”

The journey back to the boat was accompanied by the sound of birds twittering, cockerels crowing and goats bleating other than that there was no sight of any of the inhabitants of the island. Who were probably sleeping after the exertions of last night. They found the boat exactly as they had left it apart from a canvas bag with a note on the top saying “For your journey” the bag contained some bread,fruit and two bottles of water.
“Well someone has our best interests at heart,isn’t that so very kind of them”

This time Grandpa Druid took the oars and asked Ollie to pull up the anchor and push the boat off the bank and jump in quickly.
The journey back to the jetty took no time at all and they left the boat back to where Ollie had found it the day before.

Almost immediately Tabitha joined them saying:
“Mee-ow, Mee-ow are you ready to go ? “

“Yes Tabitha and young Ollie the Bard will be walking with me” said the Druid.

“Mee-ow, Ah’ yes I know about him. I shall not be going with you all of the way for Sean-Tomás will be taking over from me along the path and he shall direct you to Ballyfey” said Tabitha.

“To Ballyfey eh! I think I know where we shall be going when we get there, even if I don’t know why” said the Druid.

They walked at a cats’ pace along the bank where it narrowed to a small path and the tall pine trees grew. It was cool beneath these trees for the sun was not fully up when Tabitha stopped and let out aloud “Mee-ow”.
This was soon followed by another cry off to the right
“MEE-OW-WA” and again “MEE-OW-WA”.
On hearing these cries Tabitha turned and walked quickly in that direction.

At the foot of an old Oak tree stood a large handsome black cat with penetrating dark eyes and a wide scarlet ribbon around his neck.

“This must be Sean-Tomás” said Grandpa Druid

“Indeed it is I” said Sean-Tomás “ A very good morning to you Druid and Bard, I am looking forward to accompanying you to Ballyfey”

“Before you leave Tabitha I have something for you which I hope that you will like” and the Druid pulled from his cloak a sausage and gave it to her.

“Mee-ow, many thanks Druid, so my nose did not deceive me for all day yesterday I could smell meat and now I know where it was coming from” said Tabitha with a twitch of her whiskers as she retreated back down the path.

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