3 Ballyfey Tales - Gealach Island

Pt B Chap.1 Ballfey Tales

Gealach Island situated in the middle of the Lake of the Night Goddess, is a very private, secret place as you can imagine.

“Ollie, you need to stop rowing now and hold water with your oars, for we cannot land on the island until we have been invited to do so” said Grandpa Druid.

With that the Druid stood up and holding his staff horizontally above his head in both hands, in the time honoured salute he then called in a loud voice

“Blessed Be to the servants of The Night Goddess and may peace and love be in your hearts”

From the shore came a strong female voice that said:
“ All is well here O Druid, may I enquire as to the reason for your being on the lake?”

“O Lady, we are here to fulfil a mission given to us by the Wizard of Blavma to fill a silver flask with charged water of the eleventh Full Moon” said the druid.

“Your quest and character is already known to us O High Druid of Blavma. Please secure your boat to the shore and enter this honoured island for we have refreshments here for both of you, as there is time yet before you need to fulfil your mission”

Ollie and Grandpa then secured their boat with an anchor made from a deers’ antler as they didn’t want to lose the borrowed boat.
Before they disembarked Grandpa Druid had this to say to Ollie:

“Now pay heed to this young man, we are entering a very special
place where those who work the rituals here do so in the strictest of privacy. So anything you see or hear or people that you may think that you recognise are never to be spoken about to anyone else - do you understand? I want your word on this”

Ollie replied saying:
“I give you my oath as a Bard that I shall never ever speak or write about these events”

“ Thank you Bard Ollie” said Grandpa Druid

They stepped ashore where the Lady who had spoken to them was waiting with three other women, all of who were hooded and masked. They stood on a wide path bordered by dense shrubbery. The path led them up a hill and levelled out into a woodland. Scattered about were several huts with lots of spaces in between; perhaps they were gardens? Though Ollie could not quite determine this because of the low trees that encircled each building.
Ollie noticed that Grandpa was talking quietly with the Lady
and being ever so polite, which was very different to his normal behaviour for generally he would be making them laugh at his jokes.

Eventually they were led into a long log cabin with a fire at one end and a small room at the other.
The Lady suggested that they might like to freshen up before joining them at the dining table; bowls of hot water were taken
into the small room for that purpose and Grandpa went first.
He then called to Ollie telling him to wash behind his ears! Ollie thought this was completely unnecessary for cleanliness was his byword.

They partook of a light meal consisting of fruits, bread and a berry cordial, instead of tea or coffee as Grandpa usually drank.
Afterwards they were once again ushered outside, where the night sky was even brighter. Now the land opened up and it felt to Ollie that they were walking within a big open space: ahead of them was a large domed building made of quartzite crystal.
Was this the centre of the island? thought Ollie, because it certainly felt felt that way from the energies he was sensing.

A little way past the dome they turned slightly to the right and  Ollie noticed that the dome was not completely circular for there was a large opening in the wall from which a white dais stood out into the land. In the centre of the dais a fire blazed around which stood a circle of women priestesses all facing towards the rising moon. The Lady who had greeted them dropped her outer cloak and joined the circle at the eastern end facing the gleaming globe.

Under the dome musicians were playing softly on lyres and harps and it was as Grandpa whispered quietly to Ollie a perfect scene.The only musician who was not playing was a lady with a bronze horn. Ollie quietly mentioned this and Grandpa explained that when she begins to play that will be their signal to collect the water and for Ollie to speak his charm out loudly.

The druid and the small bard walked slowly to the waters edge and aligned themselves in the centre of the moons’ beam.
The silver flask was held up high between the druids’ palms and a great solemnity was felt in them both as they waited for the appointed time.
The rising moon-light danced gently over the surface of the lake. Ollie thought to himself I can see now why this island is kept so secret and why the women priestesses see it as a home.
Just after this thought had passed through his mind there came the mellow sound of the horn.

Grandpa Druid pulled up his robe to his knees hitching the excess cloth under his belt, so as not to get it wet, he walked slowly forward into the lake stooping to immerse the silver flask beneath the waters. As he was doing so Ollie the Bard spoke clearly and loudly the charm.

“O Moon
Give us your boon.
Bright is your light
All the night.
Wonderful power
Every hour.
May water flow
and magic grow !”

Grandpa Druid straightened up and stepped out of the water. With one hand he tugged down his robe for his legs were rather cold then turned and spoke quietly to Ollie saying:

“Well done lad, your charm was short and precise, just as it needed to be. I think that it is time for us to return to the log cabin and leave these ladies to complete their ritual. Before we go however, please follow my lead and we will say farewell in the proper manner.”

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