2 Ballyfey Tales - A Wizards Demand.

A Wizards Demand.

The stream lay hidden in semi-darkness between rows of old firs, on the ground beneath the trees was a deep soft layer of pine needles. At the edges and in places where the sunlight was able to shine through the overhead canopy, the needles were covered by a thick blanket of dark green ground ivy.

A lone druid approached the woodland noticing as he did so that the lower branches of the trees were moving outwards and inwards as a slight breeze wafted gently. The druid, being a caring person as most druids are, thought it looked as if the tall pines were trembling with excitement or perhaps they were picking up on his own anxiety. In his mind he raised a question

Perhaps trees can do that ?

For after all, these trees being so very old and having been in contact with human kind for such a long time, may well have adopted human traits of wisdom and sensitivity to people.
This question must be left and pondered on another day for now is not the time.

The druid was undertaking an important task which had been given to him that day by the old Wizard who had arrived huffing and puffing at the door of the druids cottage and demanded the druids’  immediate attention. The Wizard, in a deep voice, told the druid to go on a very special quest and handed him an ornate silver flask with magical markings on the outside; he said that it had to be filled with potentised water from Gealach Island in the Lake of the  Night Goddess on the eleventh full moon of the year.
Why the eleventh you may ask? Well look at the magical name hidden within the spelling.
“Elven” - yes, that is correct.

So our druid sat close to the trees in the fading light of the day and pulled his black woollen cloak in tight about him, for he was feeling a bit chilly now that he had stopped walking. He was waiting for his guide, a large tabby cat called Tabitha. There would be no sleep this night for either of them. To pass the time he chewed his thumb to increase the gift of inspiration, believing that this night every tool he could think of would be needed.

Suddenly he heard a shuffling sound near the trees and two eyes as bright as stars yet low to the ground, shone like torches illuminating the scene.

“Mee-ow follow me, Mee-ow we must hurry” said Tabitha the cat.

Into the dark undergrowth went the cat with the druid following close behind, both walking on the right hand bank of an ever widening stream which chattered and sang as it flowed over stone. Silver fish, illuminated by Tabitha’s eyes, jumped high grubbing on small black flies and splashed back with bellies so fat and full they could hardly swim to the deep dark depths below.

The stream finally flowed into a large lake and although the tall dark trees were still present, the trail led the pair along wide grassy banks where, during daylight, deer grazed on the lush rich greeness. The silent stillness of the night was interrupted now and then by other noises. The druid wondered if perhaps they came from humans rather than animals and if so who else would be about on this full moon night?

Suddenly Tabitha stopped and said in a tired voice
“Mee-ow, Mee-ow! Not far now, time for us to part. To Gealach Island you must go whilst I shall hunt a mouse or two”.

The druid walked on alone in the moonlight to the edge of the Lake of The Night Goddess where there was a wooden jetty. From out of the grass nearby rose a figure dressed in blue who turned and said

“Hello Grandpa!”

“Goodness me is that you Ollie? I see that you are robed as a Bard, what on earth are you doing here ?”

Ollie replied “Well Granny was worried that you might over exert yourself, so she told the Wizard she believed that it would be a worthwhile experience for me to assist you”.

“I think it might be a good idea to see if we can find a boat don’t you ?” said Grandpa Druid.

So the two of them searched around and eventually found a small boat anchored to the bank. Off they went across the lake with Ollie using the oars. Their journey only took a few minutes and Grandpa Druid enjoyed being able to sit for awhile after his long walk.

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