15 Ballyfey Tales - Snapdragon and Rufus

Ch3 pt3

“Well I don’t know what it is called but it is streaky rashers and sliced bananas on top of pancakes covered with maple syrup ” said Ollie with a big grin.

“Count me in, I will have the same” said Rufus

Snapdragon said “ Sounds a bit too filling for me, so I think I will have toasted brack with honey and a pot of tea, please.
It is really nice to meet you all and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone”

From out of a dark corner came a loud snort.
“H’m’f I suppose that I shall have to introduce my self, other wise I shall be ignored.”
Adeen interrupted the unknown voice and said,
“Oh Boru I did not mean to ignore you.
I only omitted you because I thought that you were asleep. Please step forward.”

Boru moved to stand next to Adeen, “Please let me introduce you to Ballyfey’s man of many skills, Boru, whose talents are too numerous to mention “
Snapdragon and Rufus said “We are very pleased to meet you Boru. I am certain that we shall be calling on your skills fairly soon” added Snapdragon.
“Would you like to join us at the table for a cup of tea and some brack ?”

“Thanks very much. A cup of tea is just what I need.
My apologies to you Adean for being grumpy,you were right I was asleep” said Boru sheepishly.

Boru, a stockily built man with a weather beaten face, wore a khaki cape, a wide brimmed green hat and brown leather calf length boots. He held a stave in his right hand which he now leant against the wall before sitting down at the table.

“Ha’h am pleased to be in the company of Ballyfey’s latest apprentice Filli” he said referring to Ollie with a toothy smile.
“So you two know each other ?” asked Rufus.

“Well ‘know of’ is more precise” said Boru

“Boru is correct. This is the first time we have been in close contact “ said Ollie “Because I am generally whisked away by either Dermot or Grandpa to do some errand or other and I get very little chance to meet the other residents. ”

“Except young Ollie always finds time to be with his Bramble lady friends” added Boru teasingly.

“Oh do I detect a bit of jealousy creeping out Boru ?”
exclaimed Adeen.

“Not a bit, I was merely stating a fact of normal attraction ”
said Boru with a wink.
“So Snapdragon are you and Rufus members of any of the Ballyfey societies? ” enquired Boru.

“No, not yet, we want to settle in our new home and business first before busying our lives any further. Although I expect we will at a future date because my Dad will knock on the door when he deems it to be the right time to join in ” said Snapdragon with a smile.

“Ah yes I forgot for a moment that Robur, The Arch Druid of Blavma is your Dad.” said Boru.

“No you didn’t ” interjected Adeen “You were just fishing for information, you old poacher!”

Boru gave a big smile, as he arose from his chair saying
“I had best be getting along now for there is much to do before sunset ” and with that he picked up his stave and departed from Brambles.

Adeen gave a short sigh and said to those gathered around the table. “I hope you don’t think me rude for interrupting but there are times when Boru is just too nosy for words”

“No not at all Adeen, after all fore-warned is fore-armed and as we are new here your advice is very welcome.
But tell me is Boru a poacher or was that just a tease ?”
said Rufus.

“H’m” said Adeen “Well, Boru is a man who when asked, can produce many things and it is as well not to ask where they came from, if you see what I mean.Not that he would tell you any way.”

Snapdragon said “ So Boru, can best be described as a provider then?”

This was followed by the sound of loud laughter from Alice, Sinead and Rosheen as the three of them stepped forward from behind the counter.

“A brilliant deduction Snapdragon, we all need someone like
Boru in our lives.

Snapdragon turned to the Bramble staff and said
“Thank you for the wonderful welcome, we shall happily return to Brambles though I think now it is time we returned home to see how the decorators are getting on. ”

On their arrival at the Apothecary, Rufus opened the front door and the clean smell of fresh emulsion swept over him. In every room it was the same, newly painted walls with their furniture placed in exactly the right places.
Ollie scampered up to his bedroom in the loft to find Grandpa’s telescope had been placed under the skylight with a chair next to it. His bed had been made, a desk and new bookcase containing his forthcoming studies stood against one wall and opposite, hanging on a clothes rail, were his summer and winter robes.

Even Snapdragon and Rufus were amused by all that they found in their rooms, but it was the enormous vase full of beautiful flowers in the sitting room that brought tears of appreciation to Snapdragon’s eyes - and really made them feel welcomed.

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