14 Ballyfey Tales - The Apothecary’s Shop


Snapdragon asked Ollie which room would he like to have as a bedroom.
“Well actually Mum I would rather like to sleep up in the loft like I do at Granny and Grandpa’s house.”

“What about the mice and spiders ?” asked Rufus with a smile.

“Oh well I will just ask Alice to do a banishing spell and that will take care of them,Daddy ” said Ollie

“Fair enough Ollie, though I was only teasing because we now live in an Apothecary where there aren’t any mice and spiders.
The herbs keep them away you know ” said Rufus.

Ollie was delighted to have the loft because though bigger, it was very similar to the one at Granny’s with a window in the roof that could be opened in the summer time or when he wanted to look at the stars through Grandpa’s telescope.

Granny stepped into the Apothecary’s shop and tapped on the door marked ‘Private’.
“Come in Granny, we have been expecting you!” said Snapdragon.

“How did you know it was me, it could have been anyone?” said Granny indignantly, for she knew that Snapdragon didn’t have the gift of magical sight.

“Well if you step in and close the door behind you I will show you the secret” said Snapdragon

Granny stepped inside, turned to look at the back of the door and was able to clearly see the inside of the shop.

“Well by The Stoats’ Whiskers!” she exclaimed.
“All these years and I never knew that there was a two-way mirror on the door, I had always assumed that old Jean-Pierre had the sight!”

Granny continued “ To save you from returning to your old home how would you like to move in today ? I can ask Fistle and his people to move all your belongings down by magic and they will be here within the hour, save packing and unpacking you know ?”

“Oh that would be marvellous for neither of us wanted to go back
home to do all that work, so thank you very much Granny” said Snapdragon.

“Right, no sooner said than done! Now pick the colours for the rooms and I will ask Hazel and his crew to help us out with the decorating.”

“Rufus will be delighted. He doesn’t like painting very much,
he would rather be out in the garden tending the plants you know. I think we will have all the rooms in magnolia and then I can put different coloured accessories in each room” said Snapdragon.

“Ok that’s decided then. Why don’t you three take yourselves off to Brambles for some refreshments. If you don’t know the way then Ollie certainly does” said Granny with a knowing smile.

Just after they had left Hazel and his Red Caps arrived with a terrible thirst so the first thing they did was to put the kettle on for a cup of tea. Afterwards they went to work and very quickly all of the rooms had been decorated in a flash.
A magical flash to be correct!
Shortly Fistle and his Tall Folk arrived with all of the household belongings and with Granny’s help, every item went into the correct room, including Ollie’s bed, books, robes and writing materials. Fistle with his Tall Folk and Hazel and the Red Caps finally departed leaving Granny alone. No sooner had she sat down when the very last thing to go into Snapdragons’ house arrived with Seersha, who placed on the table an enormous bunch of flowers as a welcome gift from the Ballyfey folk. Granny’s eyes watered when she saw them,
“Such a wonderful welcome!” she said.

“This is a lovely little place and the people seem to be very friendly too” said Rufus
“So do you think we have made the right decision by moving here?” said Snapdragon as they walked with Ollie towards Brambles.
“Certainly and I have always wanted to live somewhere close to nature” said Rufus.

The three of them walked on with Ollie slightly ahead of his parents. He was getting a bit impatient because he was looking forward to meeting his friends as well as eating his favourite foods. So he said “If we walk down this alleyway we will be at Brambles in no time” suggested Ollie, to which his Mother replied, “Are you in a hurry to get there then Ollie?”
Ollie turned and gave her a big smile which said so much.
As they walked over the river bridge Rufus stopped and looked down into the water “It looks to me that there are plenty of fat brown trout in the river that would make a tasty supper for us.”
“I don’t think you should go fishing until we have settled in properly and got to know the rules of Ballyfey, otherwise we might upset the locals” cautioned Snapdragon.

Ollie stood patiently waiting at the entrance of Brambles for his parents to catch him up. Adeen walked up the path smiling. “Why are you standing there Ollie , are you too shy to come in ?” said Adeen because she loved to tease him.
“I’m not shy Adeen, I’m waiting for my parents to get here”
said Ollie and with that Snapdragon and Rufus appeared at the gate.

“Welcome to Brambles!” said Adeen.
“You must be Ollie’s parents, my name is Adeen”

“Nice to meet you Adeen,I’m Snapdragon and this is Rufus my partner and Ollie’s Dad. We have heard a lot about Brambles from Ollie and also from my father, Robur.
I did think of sitting outside in the garden but on second thoughts it might be best if we sit inside out of wind.”

“That is just what I was going to suggest for we have a nice fire burning on the hearth and you can warm up your feet, Snapdragon” said Adeen with a knowing smile.

They settled themselves at a table near the fire, having first had a good look around the room at all of the various curios that were hanging on the walls. Rufus picked up the menu and started reading it out to Snapdragon when a door at the back of the cafe opened and out stepped Adeen with three other women behind her.

“ Don’t worry take your time in ordering, I’m not trying to rush you, it’s just that we are having a quiet time and I thought you would like to meet the rest of Brambles staff” said Adeen and so one by one each of them said hello to Snapdragon and Rufus.

Sinead said “ I expect that you would like your favourite meal, would you Ollie ?” and before he could answer Rufus said “Do tell us what it is Ollie, because if it sounds nice I might have the same”

“Oh I am sure you will like it “ said Rosheen.
“So come on Ollie, tell your parents what you usually eat when you are here ” said Alice.

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