11 Ballyfey Tales - Plans

Ch2 pt 4

“I travelled with the Goddess Sive
We both became fish
I saw where the Tench and Perch lived
where Trout rested
We swam in deep salmon pools
seeing her eggs grow to into parr
In clean cool waters was our home.

I travelled with the Goddess Sive
We flew as birds in the sky
I saw where Wren nested and Robin too
Met the wise Owls at roost
Likewise the Ravens and the Crow
High very high in treetops a Heron nest
In clean bright air was our home

I travelled with the Goddess Sive
We ran free on the land
I saw Badgers in a set, Foxes in a den
Rabbits in the burrow,
The Red Squirrels winter store
I slept with Deer in the forest, saw lots of tiny creatures
At sunset we went with Deer across the lush
Green land through clean air to sip
cool flowing waters of our home.

Ollie stood up and looking down at the Talking Stones said to himself “ This morning I would never have believed that what I have just experienced would have been possible. I can see that there is a lot to learn”
Ollie walked slowly back to Ballyfey pondering on recent events and as he did so he saw a figure in the distance walking towards him. It was Dermot the Ollave who gave him a hug and asked him how had he enjoyed his time at the river. Ollie told of his adventures with Sive and the poem he had written.
Dermot replied:
“By the Stoat’s Whiskers! You have done well. I think that we will go to Brambles where you must have something to eat in order to keep your feet firmly on the ground”

Dermot ordered hot toasted brown bread and honey for the pair of them and as the meal ended he announced that he would distribute Ollie’s poem to every group connected to Ballyfey so that it could be included in their rituals. They had almost finished
the toast when Alice stopped at their table saying:
“Oh, there you are Ollie, your Granny needs you to go up to her at Seersha’s shop because they want to measure you for the tabard”

Dermot said “Do you mind if I come with you Ollie ?”
Ollie didn’t mind at all so the two of them walked up to the Craft Shop and stepped inside. They were greeted by Granny and Seersha who said: “ Thank you for honouring us dear Sirs”.
Picking up a tape measure Seersha started to measure Ollie front and back to get the length for his tabard right.

Dermot said to Granny “ If you are going to embroider a design on the tabard, may I suggest that you do an outline of an Oak tree with three wavey lines underneath to represent the place on the river where Ollie met The Goddess Sive today ? ”

Seersha immediately said “ Oo’h you met Sive. Ollie how lucky you are. ”
Granny said “I feel humbled by this news Dermot and most certainly I will do my best, do you want them on the front and the back ? “

”I think on the front will do for now, because as he trains we may want to add more designs later. The tabard can become an illustrated record of his achievements”.

“There speaks a wise Ollave” said Seersha.

Dermot gave a gracious bow. “Thank you Seersha and whilst you are working out the details. I will borrow Ollie’s notebook and make a copy of his poem then email it to various groups and the people who work mostly alone”.

Grandpa Druid often spoke his thoughts out aloud as he found that occasionally those who heard him would contribute their ideas to enrich his own:
 “I think it would be a good to use Ollie’s poem at Samhain, it being summers’ end and the start of winter.
Hearing it may prepare people start to make changes, for every thing starts growing in the dark. ”

Rosheen, who had been standing within hearing distance, remarked
“Where will you be doing the ritual? In the Blavma Hills ? “

Grandpa Druid replied “I did think of doing at a site known as The Druids’ Chair, which takes its’ name from a stone shaped like a chair. ”

“How accessible is it ?” asked Rosheen.

“H’mm no, it’s not is it ?” said Grandpa Druid half talking to himself. “Perhaps it might be better to go to the Man of Stone, where there is a small well nearby and a cleft in the hillside for shelter if the weather turned nasty. ”

“That sounds much better.” said Rosheen “what exactly is the Man of Stone ?”

“The Man of Stone, is a cone shaped cairn where the ancient Brehons used to make their judgements long ago” said Grandpa “and it is easy to find.”

Granny joined in, saying “Well that’s settled at last and it’s quite close to where we live. “
“So Robur, ( she often addressed Grandpa by his real name)
do you have any objection to me inviting Seersha and Brambles Coven to the ritual ?”

“No objections at all, providing they donate some of their delicious food to the feast” he said with a grin.

“Oh yes, always thinking of your you inner man, that’s so typical of you druids” said Granny with a big smile.

“I do think that we need to tell everyone to wear some very warm clothing under their robes because it can be very cold up at the Man of Stone. We don’t want anyone catching a chill.
They will also need to bring lanterns or torches to illuminate the way up and down again” said Grandpa Druid.

“You know that’s what I admire about you druids, you are all so practical” said Granny and Rosheen together.

“Goes with who and what we are” replied the Druid.

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