9 Ballyfey Tales - Dermot the Ollave

“Hello Ros” said Goban “We would like two large cups of your delicious coffee and then some advice from you ?”

“Well now if you two gents would like to take a seat in the corner, I’ll bring your coffee over and then we can have a quiet chat” said Rosheen.

Together Ciaran and Goban described the sounds that they had heard coming from the river and asked who she thought would be the best person to approach with this information.
Rosheen was fascinated by their news, explaining that it was not unheard of for the river to speak as that was how the Druid Fili were inspired to compose their poetry. She knew just the person for the couple to talk to, someone who would be very interested in their tale.

“You need to speak with Dermot the Ollave. You will find him in the Bookshop and please tell him that it was me who sent you”
said Rosheen.

They took themselves off to the bookshop and had a good long chat with Dermot who immediately accompanied them down to the talking stones in the river.

Dermot lay on the river bank and listened very carefully.
From the water came the voice of the Goddess Sive explaining that she was concerned for the continuing well-being of nature. Dermot understood because he knew her to be the protector of the land, the rivers and of all wildlife. She suggested that her concerns could be brought to those who did ritual and Dermot willing agreed. Standing up the Ollave thanked the two brothers for contacting him and returned to Ballyfey.

Dermot the Ollave thought about the message from Sive and decided to invite the residents of the settlement and those who lived beyond to a Council. Walking through Ballyfey he explained  to those he met that a meeting was to be held in the Stone Circle on the forthcoming New Moon, two weeks hence.
The people of the outlying areas received their invitation by way of the crows.

The Arch Druid of Blavma was sitting quietly in the back garden when a crow arrived to deliver the summons. Granny heard its’ call first and rushed out to speak with Grandpa.
“Oh bother, the Ollave, Dermot has sent a message. We have been summoned to Ballyfey for a meeting in the stone circle at noon on the day of the New Moon so you had better give your robe a good brushing. You need to look your best, you know how fussy he is. I asked the crow to contact the druids in your grove too, was that alright ?”

“ Oh yes, a good idea. Ollie will have to be there as well.
 Is the crow going to tell him or shall we ?” said Grandpa.

“All arranged, all arranged” said Granny.

At midday day on the New Moon about three hundred people gathered around the perimeter of the circle.
Amongst them, in purple robes and pointy hats, were the wizards. To either side of he wizards were witches and hedge-witches in brightly coloured gowns. The poetical orders from Fili to Ollave stood respectably wearing the correct number of colours according to their rank. Various Druid Orders and Groves had arrived in robes of various hues from black, through rainbow colours, to white. Some men had beards and others were clean shaven. Altogether it was a very colourful occasion.
In the centre stood Dermot and the metal-smiths Ciaran and Goban. The two brothers told their story of going fishing and hearing the voice of Sive.
Dermot explained how he became involved then related the message which Sive had given to him. She said:

“I am concerned about the wild animals who live in my forests and woods, the fish who live in the rivers, the water in which they swim, the birds that fly in the sky and the grass and trees that grow on the land. I ask for help from the people to protect my realms.”

Dermot then said “ This is why I have called you all here on this day of the New Moon. Each group has their work to do but
we must decide how best to serve Sive”

A youthful voice rang out, “ We all need to raise awareness
of Sive’s message to people through our rituals and ceremonies”.
A murmur of agreement went through the crowd.

An older voice said “I suggest that when we do this work we need to face outwards and not into the middle of the circle as we usually do”

There then followed a lot of discussion amongst the gathering and they all agreed eventually that it was the right thing to do.

Dermot suggested that the Bards could write songs and the Fili could compose poems to serve Sive’s desires.

After agreeing the Druids and other members of the gathering departed, some heading for their homes, others to the Grocer’s bar or to Brambles for refreshments.

Ollie the Bard walked up to Dermot saying “ Would it be alright if I were to visit the Talking Stones?”

Dermot replied, “Yes of course, but first I want to speak with your Grandpa. Where has he gone ?”

“Where else but to Brambles for coffee and smoke on his pipe in the garden” said Ollie with a smile.

“Why am I not surprised” said Dermot and turning to Ciaran & Goban he said “Will you come with us ?”

“Most definitely” said Goban, speaking for his brother too

They found Grandpa Druid sitting with his Grove members at a long table under the apple trees, laughing and joking.
Granny was missing but her bag was there down on the grass near Grandpa.

Dermot and Grandpa were old friends and the Ollave greeted him
with a big grin saying,
“ Why goodness me AD you look like Goldielocks with her bears”.
Grandpa retorted with laugh “Hello Curly found your way out of the bookshop at last, do you need some sun lotion or a scarf ? “

You see Dermot the Ollave was completely bald, unlike Grandpa who did have hair on two sides of his head and at the back.
They were well known for making insulting remarks to each other and each of them enjoyed the banter.

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